FYI with Cédric — Moonshot’s CSO

What is tomorrow’s insurance ? Contextual Insurance must be the key

For you, in 3 words, tomorrow’s insurance ?

Intuitive, reliable, instant compensation.

How will technologies revolutionize the world of insurance and the insurer-insured relationship ?

The insured-insurer relationship has been tarnished by too many years of information asymmetry in favour of the insurer and a lack of understanding of the products by the insured.

Can you clarify what contextual insurance is ?

It is an insurance that allows you to cover yourself against life’s hazards that could occur when buying or using a good or a service.
For example, if you attend a football match of your favourite team, you expect to see some good football. If you are covered by our “lousy match” insurance, the score ends on a 0–0, your favourite player doesn’t play or it rains the whole match, you can get half your ticket refunded.



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