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What is tomorrow’s insurance ? Contextual Insurance must be the key

Moonshot Insurance
3 min readNov 5, 2020

Moonshot Insurance launches its #ForYourInformation !
Regularly, an expert will take the floor to take you with us to the moonshot.
How does tomorrow’s insurance work ? What is contextual insurance ? How to improve the insurer-insured relationship ? How can distributors offer new enriched customer experiences ?
Our astronauts will answer all these questions and even more.

So, ready for take-off ?

For you, in 3 words, tomorrow’s insurance ?

Intuitive, reliable, instant compensation.

How will technologies revolutionize the world of insurance and the insurer-insured relationship ?

The insured-insurer relationship has been tarnished by too many years of information asymmetry in favour of the insurer and a lack of understanding of the products by the insured.

Technology allows us to restore the balance by reassuring the insured. This means that the insured no longer has to substantiate an incident with evidence and argue with the insurer over details. With our products capable of collecting and processing data in real time, if an eligible incident occurs, the insured receives compensation instantly. And it’s as simple as that.

Can you clarify what contextual insurance is ?

It is an insurance that allows you to cover yourself against life’s hazards that could occur when buying or using a good or a service.
For example, if you attend a football match of your favourite team, you expect to see some good football. If you are covered by our “lousy match” insurance, the score ends on a 0–0, your favourite player doesn’t play or it rains the whole match, you can get half your ticket refunded.

It’s as simple as that !

About Moonshot Insurance

Moonshot Insurance previously Moonshot-Internet is an Insurtech, leader of contextual insurance that provides Insurance-As-A-Service products to empower the e-commerce industry, mobility providers, along with financial services and so much more.
From underwriting to claim process, Moonshot Insurance innovates at every stage of the insurance value chain. Our value proposition combines innovative insurance coverage with a fully digital experience to enrich the customer experience and meet new consumer behaviours.

Moonshot Insurance operates innovative white-labeled contextual insurance products thanks to its cutting-edge technologies and its API architecture. Since its creation in 2017 within Société Générale Assurances, Moonshot Insurance has been recognized as one of the major fintech firms in Europe by “Emerging 50 fintechs” by KPMG, “TOP 100 Insurtechs” by The DIA Community, “TOP 100 Insurtechs” by Fintech Global…

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Moonshot Insurance

Moonshot Insurance is the pioneer Insurance-As-A-Service insurtech providing B2B2C contextual insurances products with a 100% digital customer experience.